Disney Assembled is a father/daughter podcast where we create joy and share our love for all things Disney.

Episode 16 - Do, Do Again, or Don't Do: Disneyland Edition

Hey Howdy Hey! Welcome to episode 16 of Disney Assembled.

Earlier this week, Disneyland announced their reopening plans (July 17 - Disneyland's Birthday!). Since we had a summer trip to our happy place cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this announcement got us thinking, "When we go back, what attractions would we want to definitely do, do more than once or probably not do at all?" In this episode, we take a virtual stroll through Disneyland Park and give our opinions of  what we will do, do again, or probably not do.

This was a great conversation that went a little longer than usual (time flies when you are having fun). However, we think it was worth it, and hope you think so, too!