Disney Assembled is a father/daughter podcast where we create joy and share our love for all things Disney.

Episode 26 - How Disney Changed Her Life: A Conversation with Rachel

Hey Howdy Hey! Welcome to episode 26 of Disney Assembled. In this week's episode, we were honored to have a conversation with Rachel Kaplan. Rachel is one of our most supportive friends, and has a great story about how her love for Disney helped her overcome many challenges in her life, and serve as a platform to bring more kindness and good into the world. You can find Rachel online on Instagram @littlerayray18, and her blog can be found at www.Disneylifelessons.com. In addition, she has authored 4 books: Growing Up with a Disability, Snowball's Winter Wonderland, The Adventures of Smokey, and The Magical World of Dogtopia. All of which can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu.